One thing I will post often…just to share my discoveries…is my random travel bucketlist. Because I am obsessed with soaking in new places, new vibes, and their local culture. It is a form of worship for me in a way. A way to show my love of this beautiful earth. I want to understand….show me, tell me.

Eden and I had planned to travel to this locale this year for our 5th union anniversary, but we are saving for Guatemala. So, it’s put off. But, as the dreamy beach bums we are, we must eventually make it soon for rest and relaxation. The Al Cielo hotel is on Bahia Xpu ha, in Mexico, on the Caribbean coast, in between Tulum and Cancun. This hotel is out of the way from all the craziest tourist crowd, along the Riviera Maya.  Something about it has called to me for a while.