Walking walking walking

through the woods, through the trees, with the splintered light laid out before me

Keeping Pace with nature, heart racing, feeling the imprints of all the footsteps who have tread on this path before me


Sweating, squinting in the sunlight, walking walking footsteps, hearing the rushing of the river

The Moss hangs from the trees

Life is all around, spider webs, birds, insects

Thinking, remembering, processing, Going back again and again

Walking walking jogging,

looking up at the sky, through the screen of trees above me, through the canopy

Why isn’t everyone out here? walking over bridges, over rocks, climbing up

Oneness, aloneness, infinity before me

All that is and was, is imprinted in that stone, that leaf, stand and feel the enormity

Walking walking sprinting, sitting, reflecting, sure of my feet, sure of myself

Reflecting on life, the womb, the mother, the love, the hurt

walking, pacing, breathing with every step, strong body, tough mind, soft heart

throbbing, pumping, clearing mind, cleaning negative energies, giving thanks, giving praise

intuition, time, manifestation

walking, walking, leaving only footsteps

through this wood, through this life

Infinite, minuscule

smile with every step, every mile

rise, challenge, meet yourself

meet the universe halfway

walking walking walking slowing with the dusk

grateful in this moment, in this place