Friday the 13th approaches

And she will be a beautiful, fierce, full, harvest moon

The autumnal equinox hangs before us, suspended in the balance

in the liminal space

of no longer, but not yet

The shadow realm of witch work

Oh, heaviest of chapters, close


Fall away, decay

Let us regain our posture

The winds are whispering, chilly

The light of the moon comes sooner

She fills me, swells my belly

I smell the leaves dying

I feel the dark

She knows my name

Sweet earth, as you tilt

We reap the last of summer’s fruits and vegetables

The fog comes in

Hanging in the tops of the firs

Candles and incense are lit

The smoke of palo santo and cedar fill the air

Bones, talismans, stones

I walk between the light and the darkness


I slow down

Soups and cider simmer in the kitchen

I wrap myself in myth and story

I settle in, lean into the dark

The love burns strong like the candle light

It will last the night

the season

We call upon the ancient ones

Antlers, crystals, wood

Circle, shell, herb, and seed

These ancient traditions in my cells, my bones

Healing, magic, medicine

At last, reconnection

Soul Nourished, spells spoken

** only 2 of these images were taken by me **