Beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest, along the Clackamas River. It was a beautiful day. Forest bathing. Rooted. We root to rise.

If a person struts around in a shameless display of their beauty and magnificence, in a kind of shameless sexual energy without grasping onto anything, people sometimes react to them by being overwhelmed or frightened or thinking they are somehow being egoistic or too ‘big.’ But could this swagger actually in a strange way be a form of humbleness? Could it perhaps be more humble than pushing down our power and contorting ourselves into an unnaturally small shape?

When we swagger around speaking in the most beautiful language, moving the body in a wild sensuous way, this is a kind of offering to the spirits and Gods, who are said by some to love to feed on and be nourished by beauty. This outrageous display of earth based beauty is not necessarily hubristic, it can also be coupled with an awareness of death and grief too.

Perhaps this shameless, earth shaking and magnificent display of embodied dancing rapture and beauty, which can appear in anyone no matter what their type of body or age, is a form of freedom, a compassionate, aggressive and potent act of rebellion against the archic grey world.

Animalistic natural elegance, relaxed grace and hip shaking sensual sexual body intelligence without contempt frees us from our small restricted selves and unleashes a flood of deep natural-cultural richness; it reconnects us to the connection community dream field of everything, and reminds us to repair our broken culture and jump up and live again.

~Jason Hine