My hope for you, my prayer

Sending it out into the world

My wish for you is that you pause before you react

Find peace and stillness between the breath

I hope you find gratitude for the everyday mundane, because those little moments equal the big picture

My wish is that all the unhealthy and unhappy people find love and healing

I pray that those who wish to retaliate are able to relax and be mindful

I hope you can find silence and peace even if you dont find the answers that you seek, because it all ends up falling into place

I hope that you can fiercely love this world and this life, despite the darkness and evil that exists in it, that you can help be part of the solution, and breathe light into the dark

I hope you can see beauty in the places that no one else does

That you can smile at someone who doesnt love you, and forgive them

I hope you can be a leader in a situation where no one else is able to lead, that you can guide them out of the fire

My wish for you is that you will be a little easier on yourself, find clarity in the muddiest water

I pray that you find joy in the oddities and mysteries of the universe, and can laugh at the absurdity of being human

My prayer is that you can love yourself, love yourself first, love yourself without inhibition, scars, mistakes and all

Be blessed