Finished in early 2014, a heartfelt goodbye to those people I had to leave behind. Some who won’t play a part in my life again, some who always will. All beautiful teachers along the way, nonetheless. All karma along the road.

Friends, the mountains are calling and I must go….

That’s what John Muir said
If only you could be behind my eyes and feel this longing
This longing for tall evergreens,
for misty mountain peaks,
for clean bubbling springs,
for rocky ocean coast,
for love
A love greater than you or I
Ever expanding horizons

Seen and Unseen
If only I could get the words out without crying
I know why Thoreau went to Walden to devour himself alive,
for I want to do it over and over again
Left to the deep trenches of my mind,
In the mountains,
In ecstasy,
Surrounded by the Great Mother,
Surrounded by mystics,

By wanderers,
By artists,
The gypsy caravan passing by
My tribe.
Those energies doe not dwell here
Although there is a magic in these ancient native lands
A magic that I have all but used up
I have wrote her and sung her and danced her dance

Made love to her, and with her,

these Ozarks,

and on her so many times
What memories they are, but only
New chapters, grand adventures
I must heed the call
The farthest Northwest corner of it all
Friends, the mountains are calling and I must go
But not without telling you how much I love you
And that I will miss you so