the sounds
tickle my ears
the pnw breeze
chilly on my skin
as the people walk by
the traffic, the responsibilities
the colors
across my eyes
the multitude, the layers of experience
how many times do you cross my mind?
every place that has stained me,
red, white, blue black, gold
stained with love, anger, shame, joy, confusion, brilliance
the explosion of emotion
you all have a place here
the tender fern leaves
the cactus in the window
the multicolored paintings hanging haphazardly
the skewed reflections
all the things we said…..left unsaid
the silence
the way you let me in
the things we shared

humans are fleshy layers, inextricably tied together
to ourselves, and to each other
i want to paint you across my page
the way the colors blend
love multiplies
fire and water signs
all the meals shared
hot tea
whispered conversation, the warmest hugs
our stories written in sensory perception
stories that had to be told,
aching to get out
rain and snow
mountain trails
fog in the trees
your smell on my skin, her smell all over me
don’t let the heaviness of the world extinguish your experience
your full spectrum
let the light hit you just right
radiate it back to me
dancing, bliss, self doubt, anxiety
walking side by side, not in eachother’s shadow
dimensions, fractals, layered
ivy growing down the side
there is so much space for you here at my table
leaving space for the unknown
our imaginations pave the way
sweating, breathing, laughing, clenching
fists, jaws
no right or wrong answer
but please keep talking
as the year comes to an end and winter arrives,
we pull in
to ourselves
to eachother
for the light and the dark