Feeling spiritual fatigue

feeling everything so deeply

My mind always at full speed

must slow down

Taking everything so personally

arrows through heart

even when it’s the other soul’s shortcomings


Tender spots on old wounds

Trying to see my own past failings and trauma as learning


As beauty, as parts of my story

that dont need to be winced at

5 steps forward, 3 steps back

Sometimes stacked and intact

Trying to feed my self love and adoration

Trying to slow my roll

Because I have been living at high speed for a long time

I walked through the fire and became the fire

I am no longer settling for mediocre

I have had a lot to prove

I have been loud, but I have been heard

Wisdom and maturity in slowing down

Wisdom in love, in silence, in not needing to be right

I don’t need to sell

I don’t need to prove

Wisdom in finding my center

I do this for me, I do this for you

So I can put my best self forward

Healing is my duty, it is yours too

So I don’t suffer from your wounds

It’s time to rest

To sit in sacred silence

to hold the duality

The time for speed, for fire, will come full circle again

Let us rest our souls, so we will be ready

When we hear the call

When I hear the call

When creation is necessary

Learn how to citizen

Learn when to step forward

Learn how to be brave

Learn how to love, soften

Learn how to rest

Unlearn. Rewrite. Align.

These beautiful images were from a Goddess photo session with Melissa Robin. You can see her work here: