(Accepting my darkness as much as my light)

Channeling fierce Kali energy
Great Hindu mother goddess of time, change, and destruction
She is the beginning of all
Creator, protector, destroyer
Reconcile with death, accept what is
Love her unreservedly
She refrains from giving what is expected
And from that, worshipper, you will grow strong
Kali becomes drunk on her victim’s blood on the battlefield, and dances with destructive frenzy
Shiva halted her from universal destruction
But he lost his head
Kali does not wait for the storm and turmoil to pass
She does not live in the silent, still moment
I am the temple priestess
The healer, lover, destroyer
The sacred sex worker
The flirt
The seducer
The beauty
The powerful
The influential
The wild
The feared
The irrational
The dangerous
One who is aligned with darkness as much as light
I am a light bringer
An intuitive
A life giver
A ferocity
I am small, yet I am huge
You want to visit me
I am the initiator
The penetrator, as much as penetratee
I make the rules