The complexity of life

The simplicity of existence

It is a delicate balance we hang in

One must relinquish the need for control

Become an empty vessel with open eyes

A loving yet detached heart

to experience them, to balance them

but not be overwhelmed

The people, colors, smells, conversation fragments

Bits and pieces of other’s paths crossing your own

I watch him sing into the microphone

I look over at her, the folds in the silky fabric of her dress, as she raises her hand to swat a fly

Surreal moments and memories

My mind wanders

Endless stream of random consciousness

Balance out the sights, sounds, and thoughts



Its amazing the simplicity life takes when surrounded by genuine people

The lightning streaks across the sky

Zig     Zag

White      Silent       Powerful

Our happiness, our bonds

suspended in the balance

The light headed jovial bouncing

under the lightning and clouds

leaves coming up from our feet with every bounce

Eachother’s laughter like eternal children

Hold onto this moment

As the wind and rain blows in

Our separate paths of the past converge in this place

This space

Individuality swirls together

Mingling for a moment in eachother’s

Happiness, pain, love, confusion, desires, simplicity, complexity

Cradle me in yours, and I will hold you in mine

Night is coming to a close

A comfort in eachother’s presence

This is my simple life

Cloaked in complex feelings