Why do I choose to take my clothes off in front of a camera???? Why do I choose to publicly display my naked, perfectly imperfect body???

There are a few reasons. Empowerment. Mindfully practicing fearlessness. Art for the sake of art. I love photography, and I love artsy nudes, so, giving back to the art community. A practice in loving my body unconditionally. It brings me closer to my wild, natural self. And to display sex. Sexiness. Celebrate sex. To celebrate pleasure and desire. Unashamed.

But also, rebellion. A big “fuck you” to the patriarchy, and its harmful sense of “perfection.”

Rebelling against social norms, and what a “grown up”, or “professional”, or partnered mother should be.

I do most of my work with Andrew Kaiser, Portland photographer, and his work is at http://andrewkaiserphotography.com/about

When I asked him why he takes photos of women nude as art, he said, “……because when I was growing up, I spent an ungodly amount of time looking at statues and stained glass windows and paintings of Jesus, and a lot of nearly naked Roman soldiers, and tons of women covered from head to feet in drab garments, and I very much wanted to know what was so exciting under there.”

I feel like, his response, is also a sense of rebellion. Rebellion of, again, patriarchal, authoritarian ideas of what art and society should reflect. These rules coming from a modest and oppressed Judeo Christian society. Why were women being hidden? Let us seek out the things that unseen, the forbidden. I always appreciate that about Andrew.

Here a few random photos from 2 different past shoots with Andrew.