So, I basically don’t know what I would do without my podcasts. They have almost taken the place of reading for me. Which, I need to straighten out, because I have always been an avid reader and love holding a book in my hand. But podcasts are the way of the future, they can be our reporters and our storytellers, our makers of culture. I have been introduced to so many new things from podcasts, and have even made some friends from them. I am going to post some of my favorites podcast personalities here, and if you don’t already know them, you should definitely check them out.

Tangentially Speaking with Christopher Ryan

Chris is a friend of mine, but only because I discovered his podcast from Joe Rogan’s podcast (listed below), and reached out to him, which began a conversation, that led to us finally meeting in person here in Portland. He has had some fantastic guests such as Gabor Mate, Dennis McKenna, Daniel Vitalis, Andrew Weil, Duncan Trussell, and Graham Hancock, and then sometimes best of all, very unknown people, who he finds interesting and insightful (Including me! Episode coming!) He shares many of my sociopolitical views, is full of great information, and I appreciate the platform he gives people to share their story.

It’s all Happening with Zach Leary

Zach is also a friend of mine, although we haven’t met in the flesh (yet!) You might know him as Timothy Leary’s son, and involved with the new movie about Tim Leary and Ram Dass called Dying to Know. He is very involved in the Bhakti community in L.A., and I enjoy the things he has to say. He is great at leading powerful conversations with his guests. I highly, highly recommend the Marianne Williamson episode, and was excited to see the author Allan Badiner as a guest. Zig Zag Zen is one of my favorite books.

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Where do I start about Duncan?? Brilliant comedic spiritual satire. He puts a crude yet profound spin on everything that I am already thinking, and wish I had thought of to say. He is hilarious and insightful, and has such great guests like Aubrey Marcus, Graham Hancock, Chris Ryan, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass and Roshi Joan Halifax, Zach Leary, and Alex Grey. So many more.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe’s podcast was the first I was introduced to, which is important. He has a lot of people from the MMA world, that I personally am not interested in, but when he has a guest on that I am excited about, I know I’m in for a good, long, insightful conversation. He has many episodes with Duncan Trussell and Chris Ryan, and the three of them together have great chemistry. He isn’t intimidated by exploring psychedelic and spiritual culture, or the elusive quest for Sasquatch. He also has Aubrey Marcus on from time to time, and Les Stroud has been one of my favorite guests.

Mind Left Body with Michael Morey

Michael is a dear friend of mine, and I am so proud of his podcasting!! I watched him start it up, and he loves it, and has some great guests (which includes me, haha, watch for my episode!) He speaks from his soul, about the things he cares about most. He has had Zach Leary as a guest, as well as David Silver from Mindrolling, Ian Lawton, and some of his fellow spiritual seekers.

Mindrolling with Raghu Markus and David Silver

These 2 have great chemistry and amazing stories. You can tell they have fun doing what they do. I really resonate with their spirituality and the guests they have, such as Roshi Joan Halifax, Sharon Salzberg, Duncan Trussell, Jai Uttal, and Dennis McKenna. Although I don’t know Raghu through any personal interaction, I have spoken to David online, and he is a great, encouraging man.

The Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage for president. No, for real. This man. We need him, we need his strong, crude sexual self and advice to keep us awake and alive. We need his anti bigot rants to wake us up at 7 am while we are having coffee and getting ready for work. His rants are hands down the best. His live podcasts are hilarious and always informative. I think I know a lot about sex and kink until Dan Savage schools me. I have missed his Hump festival here in Portland the last 2 years, but I am hoping to catch it next year.

On the Block with Andrew Gurevich

I know Andy fairly well, as we have hung out a lot over the last couple of years, shared mutual friends, and had some great conversations. I first discovered him as a guest on Chris Ryan’s podcast, and found him to be hilarious and brilliant. I have watched him start up his own podcast, and enjoy seeing him do what he loves. He has great solid conversations and had Chris Ryan as a guest, Stephan A. Schwartz, and Wendy and Brian fucking Froud, who painted the story of my adolescent years. Seriously, so cool.

These are my favorites for sure, but I also enjoy the Moth, Risk, Radio Lab, and This American Life for great storytelling, and the Splendid Table for pretentious food porn and cooking tips. Check them out and enlighten your ears!!