This is a contribution from my friend Angela. She is my longest friendship, we met when we were 12, in 7th grade, wearing shirts with cartoon characters on them. We have lived through many chapters together. In junior high and high school, we wrote poetry and songs together. We have both written ever since. We leave for St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands in about 3 weeks. Cheers to long friendship!

From Angela:

With everything in me, I love meeting new people. If I could sit down every day with someone new and just listen to their stories, it would bring a new level of happiness to my life. I sit down and listen as often as possible – and one evening – in the middle of October 2017 – I met an amazing human – who since has become a friend that I can call on when all of the feelings have taken over – or when I just need a glass of wine and bathtub companion. I wrote Up Till Dawn after our first all-night hangout – storytelling, lots of wine, laughs and realizing that we both have a new person to call a friend.

Angela Swart

You continue to astonish me
your use of the word “fuck” and oh -
how that one word turns me on.
We are raw and mostly unfiltered
completely drawn to the energy
and light of each other
as if the universe was, at last,
creating beauty in a once dark and twisty place.
Piercing eyes and bright lips
create conversation that stays up till dawn.
We speak of broken pasts and optimistic futures
ones where the love is doubled and words speak only truth.