About Me

Hi. I’m Heather. And I am honored to have you here, sharing space with me on this blog, taking the time to see my innermost thoughts and whims. However, you may have stumbled upon it. This is more of my online diary and art than anything else, for me, but if you enjoy my posts, that makes me happy! The “about me” section is where I should tell you what my career is by day, what college degrees I have, my favorite color, favorite music, that I am a happy and blessed wife and mother….right?? And I could tell you all those things, and I just might, but really…who am I?? What am I made of when you strip away the generic labels?? What are you made of? What journey are you on? What wounds and lenses are you operating under?

I am the universe. Leftover stardust stains. Woman. Badass. Lover. Mother. Healer. Poet. Artist. Sexual being. Witchdoctor. Dancer. Amateur chef. Yogini, and Yoga teacher.  Moody. Creator. Ridiculous. Beautiful. Intuitive. Perfectionist. Observer. Queer witch. I often eat with my hands.

I am a teacher and a student. I demand truth and clarity. Mess maker, mess cleaner-upper. Aligned with my darkness as much as my light. Philosopher, arguer, promoter of positive and beauty. Dreamer. The temple priestess. Always changing, blooming, adding and removing as necessary for growth. I have no time for things that aren’t full of soul. Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Rising.

One with dark stories of experience, pain, and wisdom. Wanderer. Mantra speaker. Wine drinker. Nature worshipper. Intention setter. I am a force of nature. Compassionate, unmoving, yet swaying with the flow. I love myself and believe in myself, as all should strive to do. I have and will continue to break boundaries and walls, and love giving others the permission, the strength to do the same.

I was once a shard of light, a drop of dew, a sunflower, an enormous fir tree. I want to boost you up so we can all shine. I want to hear your story, every detail. Get your hands dirty with me. Believer in community. I am a survivor. I am a storyteller. I am unapologetic. I have tried a good bit of everything and found I am damn good at just about anything…except physics equations.

I love hearing stories, so if you have a good one, or a piece of truth, a hard lesson learned, a message you need to get out, reach out! I love to feature other folks on here. Love is love, and art is art.